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Pathways to Family Wellness

Feb 12, 2020

On this episode we’ll be speaking with Dr Wendy Anne McCarty, a pioneer in the leading-edge field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and the expanded multidimensional understandings
of babies.

In this fascinating interview Dr. McCarty shares her own journey of evolution from a Newtonian trained delivery nurse, childbirth educator, parent-infant specialist and family psychotherapist
through her spiritual awakening in an experience with a 3-month old baby into her 30-year deep-dive exploration of Multidimensional baby consciousness, multidimensional parenting, and innovative approaches to repair, nurture and expand human potential and optimal relationships from the beginning of life.

The take-home message: Babies are calling us to come into their multidimensional world and connect from pre-conception forward. Prenatal parenting is primetime for the magic of