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Pathways to Family Wellness

Dec 12, 2018

In this episode we'll speak with Scott Noelle about the power struggles that can happen as a parent, how this shows up in different behaviors with their kids, and about how parents can claim their true power to create a more harmonious household while bringing forth the best version of themselves.


Scott Noelle is an...

Nov 14, 2018

In this episode we'll speak with Dr. Lauren Dodds about preconception, that is, the period before conception occurs, and how parents-to-be can make sure they have the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby.

Dr. Lauren Dodds is a perinatal chiropractor and owner at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group in Alexandria,...

Oct 10, 2018

In this episode we'll speak with Dr. Mary-Grace Pennella of Stillpoint Family Chiropractic about fevers. We'll discuss:

  • What is a fever and why is it important?
  • What are some common misconceptions about fevers?
  • What is a fever really doing?
  • What do to for a fever and at what point is there a cause for concern?
  • What are...

Sep 27, 2018

In this first episode we'll take just a couple minutes to let you know what the podcast is all about and what you can look forward to in the future.

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